SUPERMICRON Advantages . Affordable. Inimitable. Turnkey.

In comparison with other competitors’ solutions, SUPERMICRON offers multiple keen advantages. Cost advantages are significant because they are related to a variety of aspects:

  • its sales price is considerably lower than other available solutions: approximately ten times less than any solutions based on optical fibres, and three times less than those based on strain gauges and traditional accelerometers;
  • in addition to the strain data, it also provides at no extra cost data reading of temperature, tilt and possible shocks that may affect the structure being monitored;
  • the installation cost is moderately lower in comparison with any other available solution on the market.

All these aspects make SUPERMICRON by far the most affordable structural monitoring system available nowadays.

The second keen advantage is represented by the internationally granted patent protection. It is on schedule to enhance the existing patents whenever a significantly new development of the monitoring system is achieved, thus making the SUPERMICRON absolutely inimitable.

The third advantage is represented by the possibility to produce large strain sensors alike those of the LONG series, which is unique in the whole world.

The fourth keen advantage is represented by its being complete. SUPERMICRON represents a “turnkey” solution because of its data display platform gathering statistics by means of a graphic surface that has specifically been studied to allow fast and easy data access, as well as setting of threshold values and alerts.