SUPERMICRON System. Innovative. Customisable. Low cost.

SUPERMICRON is the innovative patented range of sensors for the infrastructure health monitoring. The heart of the system is Smart Skin Sensor, the patented strain sensor made of composite materials, integrating a sensitive element made of fibres and carbon nanotubes.

SUPERMICRON offers a totally new approach to the building health monitoring. At present it is the only existing low cost and stand-alone solution that is capable of reading four main values such as strain, temperature, tilt and possible seismic activities.

System architecture

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System elements

Smart Skin Sensor

SUPERMICRON is equipped with a patented innovative Smart Skin Sensor, a strain sensor made of composite materials containing a sensitive element made of fibres or carbon nanotubes. Smart Skin Sensor includes microelectronic units gathering a temperature sensor, an accelerometer and a radio unit.


The Gateway communicates with the sensors in two directions and forwards recorded data to a server where, after being decrypted, a powerful graphic interface makes them available. This ensures that detailed information is conveyed in real time to the manager of the building that is being monitored by SUPERMICRON.

GPRS gateway with photovoltaic panel
Range from 1 up to several km
Radio transmission ISM 868 MHz
Environmental protection grade IP67
Target clients and specific requirements

Cloud Service

This is the main server that receives and records data and allows the processing and visualising by means of a web accessible graphic interface.